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Top Undiscovered Dating Sites You've probably Never Heard Of

It's safe to say that we have more than our fair share of dating sites now clogging up the net - they really are everywhere. It doesn't seem to matter what you type into Google, I'm pretty sure I typed in 'pizza' once and an ad for a dating site appeared in the sponsored results section.

There are obviously positives and negatives to having such a great deal of choice. One positive being that there is literally a dating site for everyone, no matter the creed, colour or name! One negative, and this is a major one, being that with so many choices which ones can you trust and by trust I mean which one can you actually use and meet someone on? There are the obvious bigger brands, of which I personally have used and to no avail, but there are brands out there that may not be as established but are real gems. Below are a couple that I have researched into that I think are worth a try if you are single and want to try online dating.

Genuine Singles

Genuine Singles has been around for about three years now and prides itself on its easy to use search tool and site navigation, and checking all the member profiles to make sure they are genuine. They state, "whatever you might want, our fantastic search tools will enable you to find exactly what you are looking for," and combined with a large database it does make searching more manageable as I do find that with some sites this is a long, drawn out process. Also it's a nice looking site and I know that aesthetics shouldn't be a reason to join a site, but it's a nice place to be and that certainly helps. They have a good mobile site too, which is even easier to use and allows you to look through the database and match yourself up with someone quickly using their 'encounters' feature. Genuine Singles is also the brand's umbrella site and offers other sites to its members, focusing on specific member interests, situations and traits such as 'single parents' and 'sporty singles.' This again is a great way to filter out anyone who you know you won't match up with and enables you to find someone of similar interests with minimal effort. Another quality the site has is that it's not free, and I know that might be a strange thing to say but you find on these free sites that you are constantly matched or 'liked' or messaged by scammers so the fact that people have to pay to become a member means that you wont find the site populated by crooks and also that the people on the site are genuinely looking for a partner. To sum up I found it easy to use and service helpful.


Matchmeup has been around for years now and has a vast database of members of all ages and prides itself on its customer service. It offers support 24 hours a day and also has a 'chat' option available to help with concerns and membership options. Like Genuine Singles it is a website that you have to pay for so this again means that the members that use the site are serious about meeting someone. However although the site is one that you pay for you can use the site for free and search the members on there to find your matches. This is another site with a good search feature and is very easy to use. To sum up great customer service and takes pride in its members.

Casual Match

Casual Match Something a little different now. With dating sites evolving yearly a new trend 'Casual Dating' has risen, which is basically a way people can meet for no strings encounters. This is the equivalent of going out to a bar with some mates and picking up a woman, who shares the same intent, there and then for fun. Now you may be sceptical about this style of dating but this hasn't just crept up on you; casual dating has been around for years now and I'm sure you may have seen the ads. However, unlike my other two suggestions, there are no big brands in the world of adult dating, so I have done some research and picked my choice CasualMatch as a good option to try if you are looking into this type of dating. This site has been around since 2009 and therefore has a huge database to play with. The members on the site range in age from 18 to 90+ so the option is there if you fancied an older lady or gentleman. My reasoning for liking this site is simple; the members on there are pretty attractive. You do have to pay for the site but it isn't particularly expensive and again this allows anyone wanting to take advantage to be discouraged to join. Also the site is protected by 'Online Dating Protector' so you can relax knowing that your conversations and actions are safe. To summarise a nice looking, secure site with a good sized member database.


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